Q. Will my personal details remain private?

The personal information you provide may be shared with our trusted partners, as outlined in our privacy policy.  For more information on this, please see our data protection commitment.  

However, we will never use or permit others to use your contact details to send you direct marketing messages.  We will also never allow you to be personally identified within the survey results we publish or provide to our clients.

Kantar abides by the Market Research Society (MRS) code of conduct and all relevant UK and EU data protection legislation. 

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Q. Why was I chosen to take part in the study?

It’s important to us that our research represents the views of everyone living in the UK. Our sample is selected very carefully so it is as representative as possible. Your household was selected as part of this process. You will have recently been visited by one of our interviewers from Kantar and agreed to complete our survey.

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Q. How will the information I provide by participating in a Kantar survey be used?

The National Buying Survey is an important piece of market research, which is used by businesses and organisations to understand more about the product consumption and ownership of over 4,000 brands, together with the media habits and attitudes of people in Great Britain.  We collect data from thousands of respondents each year to build up a complete and accurate picture of the nation.
Because the survey is conducted every year we are able to identify areas of growth and decline, giving great insight into life in the UK.  
For more information on how your data might be used, please see our data protection commitment.  

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Q. Will I receive more junk mail as a result of taking part in a Kantar survey?

Absolutely not! Kantar will never use, or permit others to use, the personal information you give us to send you direct marketing messages. Kantar adheres to the Market Research Society (MRS) Code of Conduct (www.mrs.org.uk).

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Q. I’ve completed the survey, but I haven’t received my incentive yet. What should I do?

 If you still have not received your reward 7-10 days after completing your questionnaire, please contact our helpdesk at NBSOnline@kantarmedia.com

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