Our Data Protection Commitment

Kantar is committed to protecting your personal information.

Our Privacy Policy sets out in detail the information that we collect and how we use and share that information. We have summarised the key points in our Privacy Policy below. We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy in full – it’s available here.

By completing the National Buying Survey you are agreeing to our collection, use and disclosure of your information as described in our Privacy Policy:

We will never…

  • Use or permit others to use your contact details to send you direct marketing messages.
  • Allow you to be personally identified within the survey results we publish or provide to our clients.

We may…

  • Use your personal information to contact you for further studies, if you have given us your permission to do so.
  • Use your survey answers to identify relevant surveys for you (for example, if you read a newspaper, a survey on newspapers).
  • Share your personal information with our trusted partners in order to match additional data to your survey answers (for example, media, retailer, social media or other service provider data). We will only do this where you have given your consent to our trusted partner for your data to be used in this way.
  • Share your personal information (including your survey answers) with our trusted partners to help them identify similar people, so that they can show those other people personalised adverts. However, we prohibit our trusted partners from using this information to target advertising to you individually.

We will always…

  • Adhere to the Market Research Society code of conduct and all relevant UK and EU data protection legislation.
  • Require our trusted partners to sign agreements that will protect your personal information and ensure you are not personally identified within our survey results.
  • Take reasonable and appropriate measures to store your personal information securely, and store your contact details separately to your survey answers