About Kantar

Kantar work with many well-known broadcasters, newspapers, magazines and websites. Every year thousands of people across the country participate in surveys and focus groups run by Kantar.

We may have approached you to conduct surveys by telephone, post, online, or in your home. At Kantar we are committed to maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards as set out in the Market Research Society (MRS) Code of Conduct & data protection legislation.

As a company we specialise in the following areas:

Media Research

We help media companies understand people’s attitudes, lifestyle and interests in order to provide a better service.  We also help a wide range of non-media companies, such as manufacturers, to make the most of the opportunities the media offers them.

Audience Measurement

We provide accurate audience figures for TV and radio stations – how many people are tuning in; what programmes are they watching or listening to. This is so that these media companies can accurately assess their performance and success.

Media Intelligence

We monitor media across the world in order to spot emerging trends and help our clients keep up to date with news about the sectors in which they work, as well as what is being said about themselves in the media.

For more information on our company please visit www.kantarmedia.com.